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    Welcome you to Sundo. In this fast changing and more than ever integrated global economy, Sundo provides to its customers the cost effective, top quality and flexible mechanical engineering service package. At present our service includes mechanical design & improvement, engineering software development, component sub-supply & assembly, quality assurance and logistic service.
    To cut down cost in supply chain, talk to Sundo. Sundo bridges you to a top quality, cost effective and flexible production in China.

Despite the daily responsibility on product classification approval routines, I also function as IT manager in Sundo. I maintain the database of our network. My work involves continuous assessment and improvement of all the aspects of our daily operation, so that our daily production can run as smooth, reliable and effective as possible.
In this era of information technology, one must be ready to meet new challenges, to be creative and ready to absorb new knowledge. Trying to be a better and well accepted industrial design specialist, I need to have good knowledge in mechanical engineering, electronic and computer science, multimedia technique and a lot of other things…
As an industrial product & mechanical designer in Sundo, my daily work involes FEA calculation and analysis, using CAD/Unigraphics System and other sophisticated tools to work with different projects. My colleagues and I often work out new proposals/solutions for our customers to improve the product functionality and other related characteristics.
Internal and external logistic service is one of the most important operation in Sundo. To guarantee our customer ordered products be delivered on time, it is critical with "Just In Time" sub-supply chain. Therefore I must co-ordinate between the updated status of Sundo's production chain and the needs of our customers well.
Sub-supplier management is a crucial issue in today's effective production system. Nowadays most of the successful companies are depending on the equally successful cooperation with their sub-suppliers. Such cooperation should be based on the same concepts like total customer value, quality assurance and just in time delivery etc.
As assembly manager, I make sure that product quality meets our customer's requirements. Meanwhile I have to organize our assembly team to work in most effective and ergonomic way.


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